“We all deserve to be healthy and happy, but sometimes, life just gets in the way. I have created these e-books with you in mind
~ the modern day woman ~.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, or hard! After I was diagnosed in my early 20’s as insulin resistant, I was forced overnight to start looking at food as a way to nourish myself and to help me thrive in my body. I began studying nutrition to help me learn and understand why certain foods aren’t great for us, and why eating certain things can make us flourish.

Shortly after this diagnosis, I began documenting different recipes that I was making, which ultimately led me to become a recipe developer for brands and a food photographer!

I am so passionate about food and cooking and know how much good food can be good for the soul. So, I decided that I wanted to share a few of my favourite recipes and mindfulness tips into some free e-books for my Krumbled Foods family.” K x