Krumbled Foods is a owned by self confessed foodie, health nut and nutrition coach Keira Rumble. Keira is not only dedicated to help educate and introduce healthy living into your household, she is a young ambitious go getter, who through her own health and weight battles, her product Krumballs emerged. 

Together with a team of expert nutritionists, food developers, industry gurus, Krumballs is set to become well a truly a household name.


We believe eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.
I know all too well, how those health food isles can be daunting. I remember being unable to shift those final kilos and my weight loss plateaued. I ate well, exercised regularly, opted for “healthy snacks” to help with my sweet tooth, but those final kilos would not budge. It wasn’t until I began to turn those “healthy snacks” over and read the labels that I actually realised that some of those products have the equivalent sugar content (if not more) than 2 donuts. It was that day onwards, that I began to really notice the lack of healthy, tasty on-the-go snacks in the market, so I decided to do something about it.