6 important things to know about caesareans

April is Caesarean Awareness Month, so we're doing our bit to raise awareness about caesarean births by asking you to share your story, and we're also sharing some important things we think you should know about the experience you may have.

In 2020, 37% of all women giving birth in Australia had a Caesarean section. 
Have you experienced an emergency caesarean, or are you having a planned one? What is the one piece of advice you would share with a friend preparing for a c-section? We'd love to hear your story. ⁠

1. It's okay to have mixed feelings about your experience.
The health and safety of mum and bub is the most important outcome.

2. You can still have immediate skin to skin with your baby.
If both mum and bub are well and no medical complications arise.

3. Try to get up and mobile as soon as you can.
It can help to speed up your recovery. Try using a pillow to hold pressure on your stomach when getting up and down from the lounge or bed. 

4. You may experience post surgery swelling.
Compression stockings, getting plenty of rest and elevation of your legs are super helpful.

5. You will still experience bleeding postpartum.
Be sure to stock up on disposable underwear and sanitary items, as you will definitely need them to support you in those first few weeks.

6. Gentle massage can help to reduce scar tissue long term.
Once your wound is healed, gentle massage can be helpful physically (and emotionally too).

Love the Mini + Me team x