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Introducing our Experts

We're here to help through every stage of parenthood.

We’re here to help you through every stage of parenthood and equip you with helpful insights, tools and techniques to ensure you enjoy every little moment with your little one.

Whether you need help with settling techniques, feeding and everything in between, we’ve enlisted the help of the most knowledgeable parenting and baby experts you can possibly dream of. We’ve got you. 

About Krumbled Foods

Jenna Troy

Jenna is a Registered Midwife, Childbirth Educator, Acuneedling Practitioner and Mama to two little ones. Jenna’s business, Seasons of Mama, offers a blend of these services as well as an intentional curation of products to empower and pamper parents.

#1 Parenting Tip: “I think the mantra "it's only a problem if it's a problem for you" is a wonderful one to keep close to your heart. We live in an age of information technology and sometimes it feels easier to listen to the advice of Google or possibly well-intentioned but likely outdated advice from our own parents/grandparents).

If I can help guide parents back to their natural instincts, to trust that they are the experts in their own babies and to try not to worry too much about everyone else's sleep routines or habits (comparison is the thief of joy).”

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Harriet Blannin-Ferguson

Harriet is a Certified IBLCC and Registered Child and Family Health Midwife and baby sleep supporter. 

Harriet uses her expertise across pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and early parenting to help families during vulnerable and life-changing times.

#1 Parenting Tip: “ 99.9% of the time your intuition is on the right track. If something doesn’t feel right, lean towards whatever feels more right for you and ask more questions.”

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About Krumbled Foods
About Krumbled Foods

Riannon Page

Riannon Page is the CEO of Mungbean Health. She has over 15 years of experience in the health field and 9 years as a seasoned Naturopath. With a passion for thyroid health, hormone health and fertility, we are so excited to have Riannon as one of our experts.

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Naomi Chrisoulakis

Naomi is a postpartum doula, writer and Tales of the Fourth Trimester podcast host who lives with her husband and two children in the Illawarra region.

Naomi believes every woman deserves a postpartum period that's restful, rejuvenating and respectful of the massive transition birth brings, and supports mothers and families through in-home visits, postpartum-specific food and online education. 

#1 Parenting Tip: “Ignore the shoulds and find what feels good for you.”

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About Krumbled Foods
About Krumbled Foods
Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr Bronwyn Hamilton

A Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist and the Founder of BAE Womens's Health, Dr Bronwyn Hamilton runs a busy private practice caring for mums throughout their pregnancies and helping babies into the world. She believes in caring holistically for her patients and has an interest in nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. Also a mum of 3, so knows first hand how special but also challenging the motherhood journey can be.#1 Parenting Tip: Outsource everything you can, accept all the help - it takes a village to raise a baby and a family. And this allows time for self care as you need a healthy mum to have a healthy family’.

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About Krumbled Foods

Courtney Garland

Courtney is a NICU Nurse, Lactation Consultant, Paediatric Sleep Expert, Mama of three and founder of Mama Linc.

An online resource helping all new parents access expert advice, so they can enjoy the newborn stage with less stress and worry.

#1 Parenting Tip: “My number one tip is to not only prepare for your birth, but to also prepare for what happens after. Take a course about baby feeding and sleep before your little one even arrives so that you can feel confident and comfortable and be able to truly enjoy that precious newborn stage.” 

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