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Mini + Me

From Bub to Bump, we're here for you.

Welcome to mini + me a space where you are all welcome, no matter the stage or the season. Our philosophy is simple. Our little ones thrive best when their parents are fully supported nutritionally, emotionally and physically. Modern parenting is a new ball game. As the traditional concept of ‘ village’ continues to evolve and our support systems are more fluid, parenting looks very different from how our parents did it. When raising little ones, the days are long and the nights even longer. We see you! .

From the start of conception, pregnancy through to postpartum and your child's development we’ve got the goods and products carefully curated to see you through all the stages. How? Designed by parents and backed by science, we only use the highest quality ingredients sourced for their efficiency.

Each antidote is made with full transparency, tonnes of research and of course a sprinkle of love. Made and sourced sustainably with we’ve considered all your time, your needs, and the energy you exert. Welcome to mini + me, we're so glad you're here. 

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Founder Story

Meet the Founder, Keira

Founder and mother Keira Rumble has gone from strength to strength, creating products based on her personal struggles and experiences. Keira’s road to motherhood, although profoundly transformative, wasn’t anything at all like she imagined it to be and the pull to support parents through all stages of their journey became a considerable desire for Keira’s next endeavour. 

Through her struggles with infertility and an IVF journey, once pregnant Keira was faced with extreme sickness and an eventual Hyperemesis Gravidarum diagnosis, with multiple trips to the hospital. Her path to parenthood, like many, was anything but linear.

"All we can ask for from our parenthood experience is for others to listen to our story and show some compassion. You’ve got this and I’ve got you."

So here it is, Keira’s newest line - mini + me. You are all welcome. 

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About Krumbled Foods