Watermelon Lime Hydramama Electrolyte Drink
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We're here for you, so you're present for them.

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We’re taking care of you, so they can thrive and flourish.

Welcome to mini + me. Our philosophy is simple. Our little one’s thrive best when their parents are fully supported. From bump to bub, we’ve got the goods and products carefully curated to help fill your cup. 

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About Krumbled Foods
About Krumbled Foods
Keira Rumble

The Founder

Founder + mother Keira Rumble endured numerous pregnancy losses, IVF and 2 horrific Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) pregnancies. Throughout these challenges, Keira's desire to support parents through all stages of their journey led her to the creation of Mini + Me.

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Customer Testimonials

Loving Hydramama! I can even keep it down with my HG. I told the Hospital in the Home nurse about it as well and she said she will recommend to other HG mamas 🥰
Hydramama is an absolute game changer for me when breastfeeding! I often forget to keep hydrated when looking after my toddler. Such an easy way to make sure I am drinking enough!
Oh my gosh, this is a gamechanger for HG and hydration in pregnancy!
Jade R
Hydramama is everything I wish I’d had in pregnancy and everything I need in postpartum. I spent the whole 9 months nauseous and struggled drinking anything. Apple & Ginger would have been a lifesaver. Now, in postpartum I forget to drink enough water and stay hydrated which adds to my fatigue with a young baby. Hydramama has fixed that because it’s so delicious I actually crave it, especially as a refreshing afternoon pick me up. I feel more energised and better now I’m doing something to nourish myself knowing it’s packed with goodness too.
36 weeks pregnant + mama. I'm not sure if its a coincidence but I do feel like it has helped with my nausea. I've also had a few 'better' HG days the last few days as well after a couple of terrible weeks. I loved it so much I got my husband to buy more for my birthday next week because I must have this when I'm in labour!
Wow wow wow. If you've been around me while I've been breastfeeding chances are I've asked you for my drink bottle because the thirst is so real! It's been 8 months of feeding so far and I'm so sick of plain water! I'm so glad I found these from Mini + Me. The Watermelon + Lime is amazing.