Uncover the Signs of Dehydration

Beyond Simple Thirst: The Hidden Signs of Dehydration. 

Dehydration, especially when prolonged, manifests in several subtle signs that might be easy to overlook (we get it, work, mum life, life in general! We are already juggling so much). Along with thirst, there are some other common signals that could indicate you are dehydrated. These include:

- Persistent fatigue
- Regular headaches, often mistaken for tension headaches
- Brain fog 
- Dry, sometimes itchy skin
- Dark-coloured urine
- A sudden feeling of lightheadedness or dizziness

    While drinking water is the immediate solution that comes to mind, our body's intricate balance demands more than just H2O. This is particularly true when the body undergoes significant changes, such as during pregnancy, breastfeeding, running after a toddler, sickness, sport or just life in general?!

    Hydramama understands this delicate dance of nutrients. It's not just about quenching thirst but about addressing a comprehensive need. Scientifically formulated to include the right blend of electrolytes, mineral salts, vitamins and so much more, Hydramama ensures that your body receives holistic nourishment. Hydramama bridges the gap between mere hydration and true well-being.