3 things our resident Postpartum Doula wants everyone to know

The fourth trimester is full of intense hormone surges, a rollercoaster of emotions, sleep deprivation and blissful chaos. You not only meet your newborn for the first time, but you meet a completely different version of yourself.

Something we believe in so deeply about here at Mini + Me is nurturing the mother during her postpartum period. That is why we have our incredible Naomi from Cocoon By Naomi as our resident Postpartum Expert to give us all the tips, tricks and mouthwatering recipes to help support you throughout your journey of parenthood. 


Let’s start off with Naomi’s top 3 things she wants you to know about the fourth trimester:

1. Support is more important than "stuff"
2. It feels hard, because it is! It's not because you are doing something wrong
3. There's a lot you can't control. But you can control what's in your freezer (i.e prep yourself before you wreck yourself) 

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