What a Nutritionist Packs in her Hospital Bag

As the birth of my third baby approaches, it is time to pack a hospital bag. Even though I have birthed at home in the past and plan to again with this baby, it is always advisable to have a hospital bag ready to go, just in case, because you just never know what birth might bring and how your little one needs to enter this world.

Besides the obvious of nappies, wipes and baby jumpsuits for bub, there are a few key things I always pack just for me. First off is labour snacks. In my prior labours, food has not been on my radar at all however, if I do feel like it, I need to supply myself with energy for the marathon of birth. A quick, healthy and easy snack like my Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites are perfect and will be enough to keep me going. My Habitual Beauty skincare is packed because my skincare routine is a ‘self-care’ act I do now (and in my postpartum period) to nurture my mind and nourish my skin. It’s a moment ‘me time’ I always find myself craving.  

So on that note, here is a list of my hospital bag essentials. 

For Bub

Nappies + wipes: 1 - 2 packs of each. I use the Toms brand as they are organic and are biodegradable making them better for the environment.

Swaddles: I use a combination of swaddles and sleep suits depending on what bub likes.

Baby Jumpsuits: honestly, you can never have too many.

Baby singlets, socks, beanies

Spew cloths: these are absolutely essential to clean up after feeds

For Mumma

TENs Machine: this is a must have for any woman, as it helps to alleviate some of the pain experienced during birth. 

Comfy pyjamas: button ups are essential to ensure ease when breastfeeding.

Labour and post birth snacks: my appetite increases when breastfeeding so much so having easy one handed snacks like Beauty Bites are essential to support my nutritional needs. 

Habitual Beauty skincare: Keeping my skincare routine consistent throughout my postpartum phase is a really important self care routine for me. Hot tip - the Sleep Mask will make you look like you have had a facial and uninterrupted sleep.

Comfy, breastfeeding clothes - I live in the Lullaby Club matching sets. They have buttons so are breastfeeding friendly and an elastic waist so they adjust to your body as it changes in the postpartum period.  

Pads + disposable underwear: most women will bleed for roughly 4 - 6 weeks (some less, some longer) after birth, so these are key. I use a combination of the two. 

Breast pads: when your milk supply comes in, most women will experience an oversupply. These will help to stop you leaking through your bra and clothes.

Breastfeeding bra: I personally use the Bonds brand and have found them the best and comfiest in the past.

Comfortable underwear: I personally like high waisted, full briefs during my postpartum period for maximum support.

Postpartum compression shorts: I usually wear these for a few weeks after birth. They are designed to help overall recovery from birth by reducing pain, discomfort, and swelling, stabilise the pelvis and so much more. 

Perineal spray: I use the Lovekins after birth spray. It is natural and infused with stunning anti-inflammatory ingredients to help with the recovery of this area.

A few other little items: lip balm, hair ties or clips, drink bottle, coffee or tea mug, nipple cream, phone changers. 

I can't wait to meet my little girl and hold her in my arms.  

Shelley McKenzie 
Naturopath & Nutritionist
BHSC, AdvDip.