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Beauty from Within

Beauty Bites® are Australia’s first and fully functional beauty and gut health snack.

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Real Results from our Community

Caitlin B
After purchasing the 2-week supply of Beauty Bites, I could already notice my nails were stronger and skin was glowing before my supply was finished. Very impressed with the results and flavour!
Toni P
After eating a Beauty Bite most days for past 5 weeks, my nails are stronger and longer. Hair, which is not naturally blonde, looks healthier and has more body.
Elle N
Cannot stop eating!! A guilt-free treat that 100% hits the spot AND does amazing things for my hair, skin, nails and gut. The MOST amazing treats/goodies I have ever consumed!
Shannon C
Just yum! As a breastfeeding mum these bars are fantastic. Delicious, quick healthy snack. They are great from the fridge and don't fall apart so no crumbs spilling on the baby.
Kathy B
I’ve been a convert of Beauty Bites for a number of months. Beside noticing a difference in my complexion, my nails and hair are definitely in better condition than before I started.
Louise H
Delicious daily beauty treatment for your whole body! These were delicious and I’ve incorporated them as part of my daily beauty and self care routine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

About Beauty Bites®

Beauty Bites® collagen bars combine illuminating and age defying ingredients in a convenient single daily dose.

They are a delicious 100% natural, non GMO & gluten free bite size healthy snacks that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. They are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe. However if you are unsure, please consult your physician.

About Krumbled Foods
About Krumbled Foods
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