• "Enjoying these immensely- Having trouble keeping my kids away from them though!!!!"
    - Lauren K
  • "I absolutely love these protein balls! They taste great and are quite filling. I’ve ordered 4 more boxes :-)"
    - Simone M
  • "Great product the locals at our IGA love them!"
    - Ross A
  • I'm one of those people that bring their lunch to work and end up eating it by 9-10am and then buying lunch again. But now, with Keira's delicious balls I have the strength to wait till lunch time. She has saved me money and extra calories...HOW BLOODY GOOD!
    - Eddy L
  • "I love these protein balls although they are very addictive. They are dense and filling with a lovely flavor. Definitely my favorites and packet full of protein and goodness."
    - Christine S
  • "Thanks so much for the quick delivery. These snacks are delicious so l am sure will be favourite at the office."
    - Tracy R

Why Krumbled?

Why should your protein balls be low in sugar and high in protein?

The real question should be, why would the be anything else?

Don't opt for "protein balls" that have the same amount of sugar as 2 cinnamon donuts.

You don't have to stop snacking, just #snackbetter with Krumballs