7 Healthy Ways to Kick Start Your New Year

2020 is here, and with every January of a new year comes a sense of motivation, goal setting, and that innate sense of wanting to kick start your year with a bang.
But what happens after January comes to an end? Studies show that over 45% of people fail to keep their “new year’s resolutions” by February.

For me, my priority is to ensure that any goals or habits I try and implement are sustainable and realistic. That means making small achievable healthy habits that will stick with me throughout the year and years to come. 


1. Morning Routine

Morning routines help you stay healthy and happy

Establishing your own morning routine is extremely important for productivity. I personally find my days are much more productive when I have a structured morning routine. My morning routine takes approximately 15 minutes; it is an uninterrupted way I start my mornings off. 


What does my morning routine look like?

  • Wake up

  • Dry body brush

  • Jump in shower

  • Tongue scrape

  • Brush my teeth in shower

  • Jump out of shower

  • Apply body oil when still damp

  • Walk downstairs to kitchen

  • Have a big glass of water

  • Go into my room and apply my skincare

  • Put on my apple watch

After skincare, gua sha and rose quartz face roller for my face (this helps to relieve tension, allow my skincare to penetrate deeper and to reduce puffiness and inflammation) – I will sometimes listen to a news podcast during this to catch me up to speed with the world)

  • Get changed

  • Sit at desk – write to do lists, journal and check emails, look at phone.

You may not even know it, but you may already have your own little morning routine. By writing it down may help you to flow through your mornings with more ease and less stress. 


2. Stretch More

Stretch more for a healthier you in 2020


Stretching is a great way to help relieve tension and increase flexibility, but it also can be a great way to rest your mind. I try and stretch either in the morning after I take my dogs for a walk, or after work.  If you need something as simple as a daily calendar reminder to go off to remind you, schedule in your 5 minute daily stretch. Focus on opening up your hips and stretching out your legs. 


3. Hydrate 

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water in 2020


It goes without saying, hydration is key. So many of us are walking around dehydrated, which can lead to you feeling tired and sluggish (amongst other things). A simple way to increase your water consumption is to place refillable bottles around your house and car. I love to fill up glasses and bottles in my fridge; that way when I open up my fridge it is front of mind. 

4. Look After Your Skin

look after your skin with collagen rich beauty bites

Looking after your skin, especially as we age is vital to ensure we are protecting our skin from long term damage. Prevention is better than reacting to skin damage, and in the long run, a good preventative hydrating skincare routine will save you money. 

An SPF is essential to wear daily, as is keeping your skin hydrated.

But it isn’t just what you put on your skin, it is what we put in your body that is also important.  You know the whole “you are what you eat” saying? Well it is true. That is why I love Beauty Bites, which contain 5 proven anti-ageing and gut health ingredients, to ensure you are glowing from the inside out. Not convinced? Check out more reasons why Beauty Bites are a great incorporation into your daily routine.


5. It is OK to say No


put yourself first in 2020


Something that took me a long time to master was saying no. It is ok to put yourself first, so don’t feel guilty for saying no to invites, or to things that may arise that don’t align with you and your needs. Start putting yourself first in situations, if you are simply feeling tired, notice that, and work towards resting and recharging your batteries.


6. Get Moving


spend more time walking or jogging in 2020


Setting a goal to run every day or even make sure you go for a walk every day in my opinion is unrealistic. Life happens, weather happens. Instead, look at ways to move a little bit more. Park the car a little bit further away and walk that extra minute, take the stairs, look at trail hikes and make a day of it on the weekends. Find small changes to encourage your body to get moving that little bit extra.


7. Prep Your Meals Ahead


Prepare Healthy Meals ahead of time


This is a biggie and can help keep your specific health goals on track. Find a day that works for you to prep your meals (and I don’t mean steam greens and cook protein). I mean make big batches of pesto, chia puddings, baked beans, pre cut veggies, hummus. Make in bulk, keep jars and reuse them. Stay ahead of your hunger cravings by having healthy snacks on hand and pre made meals that make you feel good from the inside out.


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collagen rich beauty bites healthy snacks