An Open Letter


An open letter…

I am extremely excited to announce that Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites™ will officially launch nationwide into Coles and will be rolling out into stores from today the 9th April! 

The decision for me to continue on with this launch which had been planned for months, was a decision I didn’t make lightly, given the current COVID-19 crisis that we are all facing. It was a decision that I would wake up about during the night, worrying.

Worrying about the timing.

Worrying about the perception that my business would have if we are seen celebrating during a time where other businesses were struggling.

Worrying if it was the wrong time to launch full stop.

But it has been the right decision.

The right decision to my staff, to me and to you.

The right decision to take a step back and reflect on something so monumentally significant in my business.

The right decision to celebrate that in just 8 months since launch, my Beauty Bites were rolling out nationally into a major grocery retailer.

We get so caught up in the fear of the perception of how we may look, and sometimes it is hard for us to take a step back and truly pause in the moment and to celebrate a win, no matter how big or small. I honestly found myself focusing on the negatives of my situation and the situation around me, rather than taking a moment to actually be proud of my business and what I have achieved.

I am so proud of my business and in times like this, we all deserve to recognise the wins no matter how big or small they may be.

My dream to be able to provide a healthy, functional, low sugar product that is accessible to Australians has been part of my vision from the moment I started Krumbled Foods.

We all have our struggles to get to where we want to be, so why not celebrate the wins, even if they come and the strangest of times. Instead of focusing on the ‘should’ let’s focus on the right now.

So, in a time where we are all feeling a little lost and a little confused, let’s show each other compassion and kindness and support the wins of those around you, even if it is from afar for the time being.

Because, after all, we all deserve a little bit of happiness in our lives.

So ask yourself right now, do you have a win right now you should be celebrating?

K x