Prebiotics or Probiotics for gut health? Why not have both?

Prebiotics are non-digestible plant fibres found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. As they pass through the small intestines undigested, they arrive at the large intestine where they can ferment with beneficial bacteria. Essentially, this means that prebiotics feed the probiotic bacteria that live in your gut, allowing the probiotic bacteria to do their job.

Promoting Good Gut Health & Wellbeing

Probiotics are the live, good bacteria that live in your gut. Beneficial for both digestive and skin health, probiotics assist in extracting nutrients from food and can improve bowel function, inflammation and the function of the intestinal mucosal barrier, helping to prevent unwanted organisms from entering the bloodstream.

Probiotics also help to produce vitamins essential to maintaining the health of our skin, including Vitamin K, B12 and biotin.

Whilst including a range of prebiotic foods in your diet is beneficial, a combination of both pre and probiotics like what is found in our Beauty Bites® will provide your body with both the good bacteria, and the energy it needs to exert its influence.