Our Founder

Keira Rumble is an Australian entrepreneur and the founder of Krumbled Foods and Habitual Beauty. Deeply passionate about living a healthy and happy life, Keira is on a mission to truly revolutionise the health food, wellbeing and beauty industries worldwide.

In her early 20s, Keira was diagnosed as pre-diabetic (insulin resistant) and was forced to quickly change the way she was living and what she was eating. In the midst of these challenges, Keira decided she needed to study nutrition to gain a deeper understanding about why her body was reacting to these foods. Keira focused on the direct link between sugar and poor health and found supermarket aisles and health food stores offering “healthier alternatives”, were actually filled with false claims and loaded with hidden sugars.

Disappointed by the lack of transparency and the availability of tasty, low sugar snacks, Keira decided she needed to do something about it, and so Krumbled Foods was born. Together, with Keira’s team of nutritionists and food scientists they have developed some of the world’s first-to-market products, including their first functional snack Beauty Bites.